Debates En Español

Storyworks Bilingual: Debates in English and Spanish

Our engaging and thought-provoking debates are ideal for building a variety of important ELA skills, including speaking and listening, identifying main idea and supporting details, citing text evidence, and opinion-writing. Available in both English and Spanish, this collection of debates will serve as excellent linguistic support and scaffolding for the Spanish-speaking students in your classroom.


In this collection you'll find:


Writing Support


Should You Go Screen-Free
for a Week?

Emma says no way. Her brother Tyler says yes. Who makes the better argument?

a child blowing a bubble with chewing gum

Allow Chewing Gum In School?

The students in Mr. Parker's class think they should
be able to chew gum in school. But their principal
isn't so sure. Who makes the better argument?

enlargeable picture of a group of dogs with birthday party hats

Would You Give Up Your
Birthday Presents?

More and more kids are saying no to gifts and asking their friends
to donate to charities instead. Is this a passing trend
or a new tradition?

Is It Good to Be BORED

Having nothing to do can feel like torture.
But could being bored actually be important? Read arguments on both sides and then take a stand.

an excited boy holding up a hundred dollar bill

Finders Keepers

Should you keep money you find on the street?
Two kids face off in the debate.

Is It OK to Sneak Food Into the Movies?

Movie snack prices are out of control. Does that mean you
should bring your own treats? Students will read arguments
on both sides and then take a stand.

Should We Get Rid of
Paper Money?

Cash seems to be on its way out. Is that a good thing?

Would You Take a Trip To Space?

Ordinary people might soon be able to shoot into space. Is this a dream
come true—or a disaster waiting to happen? 

Should Plastic Straws Be Banned?

Plastic straws make drinking easier and more fun, but they’re also
a big threat to sea animals. Should they be outlawed?

How Can You Help When Someone Is Being Bullied?

Small steps can help.

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