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September 2018


November 1, 2018

Galveston Contest

Imagine you are Harry. Write a journal entry describing what you did during the Great Galveston Hurricane. Include plenty of descriptive details!


Extreme Weather by Thomas Kostigen

Dog People Contest

Write a letter from Megan to Cassie, in which Megan explains why she avoided other kids and thanks Cassie for helping her change.


Falling In by Frances O’Roark Dowell.

All-Star Contest

Imagine you want your town to put up a statue honoring the Cannon Street All-Stars. Write a letter explaining why.


Let Them Play by Margot Theis Raven

Future Food Contest

Imagine you are a kid living in the future. Write a note to your mom, telling her what you would like on your birthday party menu. Use information from the infographic.


Five winners will each receive a Storyworks prize.

Titanic Contest

In the article “Would You Sail on the (New) Titanic?,” find two nouns that means a copy, one verb that means to copy, and one idiom that means an exact copy.  Write a paragraph using at least three of the words or idiom.


Five winners will each receive a Storyworks prize.

Word Nerd Contest

Write your own Word Nerd sentence, along with its translation. 


You’ll be featured as a Real-Life Word Nerd in a future issue, and you’ll get a Storyworks prize.

Wild Word Contest

Think of a word that can be used at least three different ways. Then write three fabulous sentences, each using a different meaning of that word.


The winner will receive a Storyworks prize, and his or her entry may appear in a future issue.

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