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Grammar Bot's A World of Thanks

Learn to use capital letters correctly as you discover some fascinating ways people say thank you in other countries.

From the March/April 2020 Issue

Directions: Find 16 capitalization mistakes in the sentences below.

1. Many english speakers say thank you more than 100 times every day! One study showed that british people say it most often.  

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2. Enjoying your noodles in japan? Show the cook you’re thankful by slurping while you eat. Noisy slurping announces, “the food is really delicious!”

3. In america, smiling is a great way to show you’re grateful. But in some south american cultures, smiling can say, “please excuse me!”

4. If an italian person gives you a present, be sure to unwrap it right away. Waiting is considered insulting to the gift giver. So go ahead and tear open your birthday presents! 

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5. You should always receive a gift with both hands in malaysia and vietnam. Taking a gift with two hands is seen as respectful and polite.

6. When you’re visiting india and thanking someone in the hindi language, make sure to look the person in the eye. Otherwise, it might appear you’re being rude or sarcastic.  

7. Don’t be shocked if you hear people clapping at a funeral in spain. They’re not happy the person died. It’s a way of telling the lost loved one, “we’re grateful for you.”

8. If you’re eating in china, you can burp after a meal to show your appreciation.    

This article was originally published in the March/April 2020 issue.

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