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the storyworks approach:


Storyworks helps your students learn new words in a variety of engaging ways—and none of them include memorizing dull definitions!

Here’s how Storyworks helps you address vocabulary:

Vocabulary in Context

All our major features have challenging academic and domain-specific vocabulary words highlighted in bold. Online activities that emphasize learning in context guide students to preview and practice using these words. Check out this sample vocab activity from our September issue.

Whole-Issue Glossary

We provide a glossary of kid-friendly definitions for all of the vocabulary words in each issue. You can find it online on the Vocab Lab page.

Vocab Lab

This long-running, beloved feature in the print magazine lets students experience the joy of words—and flex their vocab muscles by entering our popular contests! In “One Word, 3 Ways,” students explore the multiple meanings and nuances of one word. “The Adventures of the Word Nerd” offers the ultimate challenge in using big, tough words. Students can submit a sentence that contains as many hard words as they can squeeze in for the chance to be our Real-Life Word Nerd. You can even inspire students with our Word Nerd Slide Show online.

Click here to see our September Vocab Lab.