We’re in constant innovation mode—just like you!

Dear Storyworks teachers,

During my decades at Scholastic, you’ve always shown me the way. What are your pain points? What are your joys? We’re in touch with hundreds of teachers at any given time, asking, listening, and then translating those insights into changes to Storyworks.

Today, we’re listening more closely than ever and are in constant innovation mode.

Here are a few of the changes we’ve made over the past month or so:

  • More Learning Journey Slide Decks, which combine stories with videos and resources. Perfect for students to do independently.
  • More tips for remote learning, with lots of ideas for collaboration and classroom-community building.
  • New Skill Builder Slide Decks that transform Skill Builder activity sheets into super-engaging slide decks.
  • More SEL articles plus a new SEL section in our lesson plans.

Please get in touch (and see the back page for even more ways to connect with me and the team!).



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Nonfiction: The Volcano That Changed the World

In 1815, a little-known volcano caused death and destruction around the globe.

Featured skill: Cause and Effect

Fiction: Girl Can't Dance

After her YouTube video goes viral, Emma discovers the ups and downs of fame.

Featured skill: Character

Paired Texts: Are These Chips Too Delicious?

The story behind America’s favorite snack

Featured skill: Synthesizing

Play: The Newsies

When the bosses didn’t play fair, these gutsy kids went on strike—and won!

Featured skill: Theme

Poetry: Fame is a bee.

Emily Dickinson captures the aspects of fame with a perfect metaphor!

Featured skill: Metaphor