Word Nerd and his friends at the movies eating candy
Illustrations by Lance Lekander

Word Nerd/The Idiomizer

In each issue, our Vocab Lab celebrates the weird, wild, and wonderful world of words.

From the February 2020 Issue

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The Adventures of The Word Nerd    

Tyler Maxwell used to be a typical boy. But one day, a 10-pound dictionary fell on his head. Luckily, he survived. But now Tyler can use only the biggest, hardest words there are. His friends don’t understand him. Can you help?

The Idiomizer    

Meet The Idiomizer —the superhero who turns simple words into powerful idioms. These phrases unite words, like a team, to take on a whole new meaning. 

Lance Lekander

Girl: What’s wrong, Ned?

Ned: My dad said if I forget to clean Petunia’s cage one more time, he’ll give her to my cousin Fred. I’m really . . .

Lance Lekander

This is a job for The Idiomizer!

The Idiomizer: Uh-oh, Ned! You’re on thin ice. You’re hanging by a thread. You’re teetering on the edge.

Girl: So just don’t forget, Ned!

Ned: I won’t.

This article was originally published in the February 2020 issue.

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