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See what’s coming up in your October/November 2017 issue!


“Out of the Shattered Land”

What is it like to be a young refugee? Author Kristin Lewis tells the amazing true story of two brothers who escaped war-torn Syria and started a new life in the United States.

Featured skill: Cause and Effect

Content-area connections: Social studies: Current events, geography


Paired Texts

“The Wild Life of Christian the Lion”

In the 1960s, two young Australians bought a lion cub from a London department store—and an incredible interspecies friendship began. Paired with an original poem from Rebecca Kai Dotlich, this amazing true story explores our relationship with wild animals.

Featured skill: Theme

Content-area connections: Science: Animal behavior and habitats



“The Good Deed” by Marion Dane Bauer

In this touching and relatable story, a girl sets out to earn a Girl Scout badge by doing a  “good deed.” But then someone unexpected makes her rethink the meaning of kindness.

Featured skill: Inference



The Curse of Winter

Our engaging Greek-mythology play tells the story of Persephone and Demeter.

Featured skill: Genre

Content-Area Connections: Social studies: Ancient Greece





“Bat Wraps Up”

Joyce Sidman’s poem brings your students along on a bat’s journey home. Perfect for Halloween!

Featured skill: Word Choice





“Is It Good to Be BORED Sometimes?”

Having nothing to do can feel like torture. But could boredom be important? Your students will read arguments on both sides and then take a stand.

Featured skill: Opinion Writing





“Your Life Story”

A dazzling journey through significant cultural moments that have taken place during your students’ lives so far.

Featured skill: Main Idea and Supporting Details




Word Power

“Is This Volcano Bad Luck?”

Tourists who take home rocks from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano soon come to regret it.

Featured skill: Vocabulary