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the storyworks approach:


We know that a vast majority of classrooms consist of readers and writers at many different levels. Storyworks strives to make sure that all of your students get the most out of our challenging content.

Here’s how we help you make Storyworks accessible to students of all levels:

Lower-Lexile Versions of Texts

The nonfiction, paired-texts, and debate features that appear in the print magazine are all available online at a lower-Lexile level (between 600L and 650L).

Click here for a sample of the lower-Lexile version of September nonfiction texts.

Audio Articles

Research shows that hearing a challenging text read aloud can help make it understandable to struggling readers. (Plus, you’ve told us how much you love audio!) Audio versions are available for both on-level and lower-Lexile versions of our narrative nonfiction and paired texts, as well as our fiction and poems. Best of all, the stories and poems are read by their authors or other vocal talents—no computerized voices!

Click here to check out our collection of audio articles.


Our popular videos are a great way to engage students, add context, and set a purpose for reading.

Click here to check out the Storyworks collection of videos.


Quizzes on Two Levels

We now offer most of our quizzes on two different levels, so you can choose the level that meets the needs of your students. All our quizzes have text-dependent, selected-response and constructed-response questions, modelled on PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and challenging state assessments.

Check out an example of a higher-level quiz and a lower-level quiz.

Lower-Level Close-Reading Questions

With simpler language, fewer questions, larger text, and more room to write, our new lower-level close-reading questions are perfect for third-grade students and lower-level readers.

Click here for an example.

Core Skills Workout

Need to reinforce key skills in your classroom? If so, you’ll love our Core Skills Workout. With every issue of Storyworks, you get a series of activities to go along with our major nonfiction feature and our shorter nonfiction paired texts, as well as our fiction feature and play. These activities—many of which are offered in higher- and lower-level versions—will help students “bulk up” in the skills needed to become strong analytical readers of all kinds of nonfiction and fiction texts. They’ll support your reading program no matter what your scope and sequence.

Click here to learn more about our Core Skills Workout.

Differentiated Lesson Ideas

Our Teacher’s Guide offers great ideas for ways you can differentiate your lessons. Every lesson in the guide has alternative assignments for struggling readers and for advanced readers.

Click here for a sample lesson from our September issue.