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the storyworks approach:

Close Reading

With our skill-based activity sheets and quizzes, Storyworks readers engage closely with articles. We also provide a set of questions designed specifically for group reading and discussion.

Editor’s Tip:

Close reading emphasizes rereading all or part of a text to uncover its meaning. We recommend that students read an article or story all the way through one time before going back to answer the close-reading questions. That way, they can focus on basic comprehension before going deeper.

Every major article and story in Storyworks comes with a set of close-reading questions. With our text-based questions, your students will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the text

  • uncover layers of meaning

  • make inferences

  • analyze the author’s purpose

  • reflect on how words, sentences, and paragraphs help build the larger work

  • and more!

You can find the close-reading questions (with answers) in your Teacher’s Guide. Click here for a sample lesson from our September Teacher’s Guide.

Or, download them from each article’s resources page as an activity to print or project (without answers). Click here for a sample of our student activity!

For fiction, we have a fantastic new appoach we call our “fiction kit.” Close-reading questions appear right on the pages of every issue’s feature short story (along with delightful pictures!), prompting students to delve deeply into specific sentences or paragraphs in the story. Our questions model close-reading questions that students can ask themselves as they read any work of fiction. The questions – with answers – are also in the Teacher’s Guide.