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An overview of the current issue, including featured skills, activity sheets, videos, and more for every article and story. Explore each individual article below to get its resources.

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The Beast of Loch Ness

For centuries, people have reported sightings of a huge and terrifying creature in Scotland’s legendary lake. Could the monster be more than a myth? This enthralling article will get kids thinking about possible animal discoveries yet to come.

Featured Skill: text evidence

Content-area connections: science: biology, exploration

What you get: lesson plan, lower-Lexile article, audio versions, Core Skills Workout, activity sheets, quiz



Like Magic

This spooky yet funny fantasy story about a boy who encounters a malicious magician is sure to delight your students—and it’s perfect for Halloween!

Featured Skill: character

What you get: lesson plan, fiction kit, activity sheets, quiz



Is Cursive Writing Still Important?

As laptops replace pencils and paper in the classroom, fewer and fewer schools are teaching cursive writing. Could we be losing a link to our past? Students will read arguments on both sides and then take a stand.

Skills: main ideas and supporting evidence, opinion writing

What you get: lower-Lexile article, essay kit, opinion-essay checklist, quiz



Wouldn’t It Be Great to Have a Tail?

How would you use a tail if you had one? Our fun infographic looks at the wide variety of animal tails.

Featured Skill: main idea and supporting details

What you get: lesson plan, guided-writing activity

Writing Rescue


Swallowed by a Sinkhole

Students will fine-tune their editing skills in an article about the strange and scary phenomenon of sinkholes.

Skills: grammar, word choice

Reviews by You


Our wonderful Reviews by You feature is now online! Check out our featured nonfiction and fiction reviews from Storyworks students.

Featured Skill: opinion writing, reading comprehension

Paired Texts


Minecraft Mania!

It has no instructions, no levels to beat, and no fancy graphics—and both kids and adults are obsessed. Here’s the story of how the world has fallen in love with a surprisingly low-tech video game. PLUS: The rags-to-riches story behind the LEGO® brand.

Featured Skill: compare and contrast

Content-area connections: social studies: inventors, current events

What you get: lesson plan, lower-Lexile article, audio versions, Core Skills Workout, activity sheets, quiz



The Rocket’s Red Glare

What is “The Star-Spangled Banner” really about? Our exciting play reveals the history behind the poem-turned-anthem, as we mark its 200th anniversary.

Featured Skill: key events

Content-area connections: social studies: U.S. history

What you get: lesson plan, activity sheets, quiz, video: “Storyworks Time Machine: 1810-1820”



Grammar Cop

Our Grammar Cop activities in each issue will help your students become grammar experts.

Skill: there/their/they’re

What you get: activity sheet




In this classic poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay, a passing train sparks dreams of travel and adventure for the narrator.

Featured skill: imagery

What you get: lesson plan, audio version, activity sheets, quiz



Vocab Lab

In each issue, our Vocab Lab celebrates the weird, wild, and wonderful world of words. Check out our fun vocabulary-boosting activities. And maybe one of your students will be our next Word Nerd!

Skills: vocabulary, context clues, multiple-meaning words

What you get: Word Nerd’s Word Workout, Whole-Issue Glossary


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