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The Evil Swirling Darkness

In this gripping article, author Lauren Tarshis weaves together the stories of two boys and a storm chaser caught in the violent grasp of the 2011 Joplin tornado.

Featured Skill: author’s craft

Content-Area Connections: science: weather, natural disasters

What you get: lesson plan, lower-Lexile article, video: “Storyworks Behind the Scenes,” audio versions, Core Skills Workout, activity sheets, quiz



How Bad Could It Be?

Author Nora Raleigh Baskin delivers an achingly heartfelt story of a boy who follows along with the class bully’s mean-spirited plan—and soon regrets his decision.

Featured Skill: character

What you get: lesson plan, video: “Storyworks Author Visit,” audio version, fiction kit, activity sheets, quiz



Should Kendra Become a YouTube Star?

Kendra writes her mom a letter explaining why she should start a YouTube cooking show. Her mom writes back with some big doubts. Your students will decide who makes the best argument!

Skills: main ideas and supporting details, opinion writing

What you get: lesson plan, essay kit, opinion-essay checklist, quiz




Our eye-catching infographic shows that tooth care has come a REALLY long way over the centuries.

Featured Skill: main idea and supporting details

What you get: lesson plan, guided-writing activity

Reviews by You


Our wonderful Reviews by You feature is now online! Check out our featured nonfiction and fiction reviews from Storyworks students.

Featured Skill: opinion writing, reading comprehension

Paired Texts


How Candy Conquered America

When, how, and why did candy become popular in the U.S.? Kids will be amazed to find out! Paired with an article that looks at a time when candy was considered healthy.

Featured Skill: compare and contrast

Content-Area Connections: social studies: history, inventors; health: nutrition

What you get: lesson plan, lower-Lexile article, audio versions, Core Skills Workout, activity sheets, quiz



The Lion and the Mouse

This delightful adaptation of Aesop’s fable about an unexpected friendship goes perfectly with a real-life story of a hippo-tortoise pair of pals.

Featured Skill: moral of a fable

Content-Area Connections: social studies: recent events; science: animals; character education

What you get: lesson plan, activity sheets, quiz



Grammar Cop

Our Grammar Cop activities in each issue will help your students become grammar experts.

Skill: it’s vs. its

What you get: activity



The Reason for the Pelican

Poet John Ciardi celebrates the pelican in a charming poem that makes a perfect lesson about rhyme scheme.

Featured Skill: rhyme scheme

What you get: lesson plan, audio version, activity sheets, quiz



Vocab Lab

In each issue, our Vocab Lab celebrates the weird, wild, and wonderful world of words. Check out our fun vocabulary-boosting activities. And maybe one of your students will be our next Word Nerd!

Skills: vocabulary, context clues, multiple-meaning words

What you get: Word Nerd’s Word Workout, Whole-issue Glossary


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