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An overview of the current issue, including featured skills, activity sheets, videos, and more for every article and story. Explore each individual article below to get its resources.

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The Volcano That Changed the World

In June 1816, a mysterious snowstorm destroyed crops throughout New England. Devastated farmers could never have guessed that the cause of their misery was a massive volcano that had exploded 10,000 miles away.

Featured Skill: cause and effect

Content-area connections: science: natural disasters, climate; social studies: western migration, geography

What you get: lesson plan, lower-Lexile article, audio versions, videos: “Storyworks Behind the Scenes” and “Cause and Effect,” Core Skills Workout, activity sheets, quiz



Silverman City

Award-winner Jenny Nimmo’s story about bullying has just a touch of magic and a lesson that will resonate deeply with your students.

Featured Skill: problem and solution

What you get: lesson plan, fiction kit (new!), activity sheets, quiz



Should Parents Help Kids With Homework?

Mom and Dad might think they’re giving kids a boost by whispering answers in their ears, but could they actually be doing more harm than good? Students will read arguments on both sides and then take a stand.

Skills: main ideas and supporting evidence, opinion writing

What you get: lower-Lexile article, essay kit, opinion-essay checklist, quiz



Your Very Own Pet Rat!

Unlike their wild cousins, pet rats are clever, cuddly, and squeaky clean. Our adorable infographic offers all the facts on why a pet rat would make a great addition to your family.

Featured Skill: compare and contrast

What you get: lesson plan, guided-writing activity

Reviews by You


Our wonderful Reviews by You feature is now online! Check out our featured nonfiction and fiction reviews from Storyworks students.

Featured Skill: opinion writing, reading comprehension

Paired Texts


Talen’s Got Talent

Stuttering affects millions of kids, and there is no easy cure. But for 10-year-old Talen, a drama class has provided the confidence to cope and to make friends. Plus! An informational text about the fascinating science of human speech.

Featured Skill: synthesizing

Content-area connections: science: the human body, animal behavior; character education

What you get: lesson plan, lower-Lexile article, audio versions, Core Skills Workout, activity sheets, quiz



Pandora’s Box

One of classical mythology’s biggest “oops” moments gets a humorous makeover in our laugh-out-loud play.

Featured Skill: theme

Content-area connections: mythology, language arts

What you get: lesson plan, activity sheets, quiz



Grammar Cop

Our Grammar Cop activities in each issue will help your students become grammar experts.

Skill: capitalization

What you get: activity sheet



A Punctuation Story

Commas, ellipses, and exclamation points take on a life of their own in Rebecca Kai Dotlich’s whimsical poem about punctuation marks.

Featured skill: personification

What you get: lesson plan, audio version, activity sheets, quiz



Vocab Lab

In each issue, our Vocab Lab celebrates the weird, wild, and wonderful world of words. Check out our fun vocabulary-boosting activities. And maybe one of your students will be our next Word Nerd!

Skills: vocabulary, context clues, multiple-meaning words

What you get: Word Nerd’s Word Workout, Whole-Issue Glossary


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