September 2013

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

When Ariel Creamer, 14, saw her neighborhood ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, she started a Facebook page to match donors with people in need. Paired with an informational text about Hurricane Katrina.

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Teaching Objectives:

This lesson will help your students analyze the role of community in overcoming disasters and make connections between texts.

Featured Skill:

making connections between texts

Other Key Skills: academic vocabulary, close reading, author’s craft, text evidence, inference, main idea, compare and contrast


Quizzes and Activity Sheets

Core Skills

Use this package to build your students’ proficiency in key skills emphasized in Common Core. Perfect for any scope and sequence! Note: We’ve provided two versions—with more and less scaffolding—for some of these activities:

Making Connections

Students will make cross-genre connections between the nonfiction article and the informational text.

Vocabulary in Context

Explore challenging vocabulary in this activity. Great for whole-class and small-group work. Read more about Storyworks Vocabulary here.

Close Reading and Critical-Thinking Questions

Questions that touch on a range of skills, for print or projection. These also appear in your printed Teacher’s Guide and can be used for discussion.

Interactive Reading-Comprehension Quiz

A test-prep essential! We formed these multiple-choice questions based on state assessments. Need help with interactive pdfs? Visit our FAQ page.

Noninteractive Reading-Comprehension Quiz

A printable version of the quiz above. Includes constructed-response questions as well.

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The Video

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Rebuilding Hope

Our video about Ariel Creamer makes a powerful companion to the article. Use these Video Discussion Questions to challenge your students. Find more Storyworks videos here.

Storyworks Audio: Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Listen to the inspiring story of one girl’s attempt to rebuild her home and unite her community after Hurricane Sandy devastated her town. Length: 6 minutes 14 seconds. Find other Storyworks audio here.


Storyworks Audio: Surviving Hurricane Sandy - Lower Lexile Version


Complexity Factors


Skills and Standards