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Yes, Aliens (Probably) Exist

Scientists are getting closer and closer to discovering life in outer space. But at what cost? Our two fascinating articles allow students to use details to draw their own conclusions about the value of exploring the universe.

Featured Skill: inference

Content-Area Connections: science: space, technology

What you get: lesson plan, lower-Lexile article, audio versions, Core Skills Workout, activity sheets, quiz



Rock On

A budding geologist’s knowledge of rocks saves the day in this delightfully original story by Wendy Mass. Featuring a character created by Pranjal Modi of Forest Hills, New York, the winner of this year’s Create a Character contest!

Featured Skill: character development

What you get: lesson plan, fiction kit, activity sheets, quiz



Can Your Lunch Help Save the Planet?

Packing a trash-free school lunch is great for the environment. But is it worth the daily hassle? Students will read arguments on both sides and then take a stand.

Skills: main idea and supporting details, opinion writing

What you get: lower-Lexile article, essay kit, opinion-essay checklist, quiz



Take A Quick Trip to Canada!

Introduce your students to America’s northern neighbor with our cute and fact-filled infographic.

Featured Skill: main idea and supporting details

What you get: lesson plan, guided-writing activity

Writing Rescue


Get a Whiff of That!

Students will correct spelling and grammar mistakes in an article about the annual Rotten Sneaker Contest. (Yes, it’s a real contest.)

Skills: grammar, editing

Reviews by You


Our wonderful Reviews by You feature is now online! Check out our featured nonfiction and fiction reviews from Storyworks students.

Featured Skill: opinion writing, reading comprehension

Paired Texts


The Girl Who Can Fly

A 13-year-old Olympic hopeful reveals the ups and downs of gymnastics competition. Paired with an article about an athlete with Down’s syndrome.

Featured Skill: theme

What you get: lesson plan, lower-Lexile article, audio versions, Core Skills Workout, activity sheets, quiz



The Sword in the Stone

Our adaptation of this classic King Arthur legend will introduce students to a staple of literature. Pair it with our exciting video for a peek at life in the Middle Ages!

Featured Skill: mood

Content-Area Connections: social studies: history

What you get: lesson plan, video: “In the Time of the Knights,” activity sheets, quiz



Grammar Cop

Our Grammar Cop activities in each issue will help your students become grammar experts.

Skill: commas

What you get: activity sheet



Who Am I?

Perfect for Earth Day, this lovely poem celebrates every person’s small but important place in our world.

Featured Skill: repetition

What you get: lesson plan, audio version, activity sheets, quiz



Vocab Lab

In each issue, our Vocab Lab celebrates the weird, wild, and wonderful world of words. Check out our fun vocabulary-boosting activities. And maybe one of your students will be our next Word Nerd!

Skills: vocabulary, context clues, multiple-meaning words

What you get: Word Nerd’s Word Workout, Whole-issue Glossary


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