January 2014

Is the Bulldog Doomed?

Centuries of irresponsible breeding have left the bulldog with a host of health problems. Should we change the way we breed them? Students will read arguments on both sides and then take a stand.

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Key Skills:

Main ideas and supporting evidence, opinion writing


Activity Sheets


Students will practice using vocabulary from the article. Read more about Storyworks vocabulary here.

Essay Kit: Step-by-Step Opinion-Essay Template

Our self-guided activity sheet makes essay writing a painless process. Great for homework!

Opinion-Essay Checklist

A great resource to help students edit their essays.

Interactive Reading-Comprehension Quiz

A test-prep essential! We formed these multiple-choice questions based on state assessments. Need help with interactive pdfs? Visit our FAQ page.

Noninteractive Reading-Comprehension Quiz

A printable version of the quiz above. Includes constructed-response questions as well.

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