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See what’s coming up in your September 2017 issue!


“Our World Turned to Water”

The story of the Louisiana Floods of 2016


Last year, a Storyworks class from Baton Rouge wrote to editor Lauren Tarshis. They wanted to share their incredible stories of surviving the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Lauren went down for a visit and has turned their story into a thrilling article about survival, heroism, and healing.

Featured skill: Main Idea and Supporting Details

Content-area connections: Science: Natural disasters


Paired Texts

“The Amazing History of Dogs”

Tens of thousands of years ago, during the Ice Age, a new creature appeared on Earth: the dog. How did this happen? And how has the relationship between humans and dogs changed over the years? Two fascinating articles tell an incredible story that connects to science, history, and of course, lots of adorable doggies.

Featured skill: Synthesizing

Content-area connections: Social studies: World history, U.S. history; Science: Animals, biology



“Freddie in the Shade” by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Your students will love this moving story about a boy adjusting to a new stepmom, a new baby, and a move across the country.  We adore Pam Muñoz Ryan, author of the Newbery-honor-winning Echo and Esperanza Rising. (She’s not only an amazing author, she is a lovely person!)

Featured skill: Character



The Fight for What's Right

Sylvia Mendez was an 8-year-old American child living in California. But because of her Mexican heritage, she was barred from her town’s public school and forced to attend a run-down “Mexican school.” Soon she and her family were in the middle of a legal battle that helped end segregation in California schools.

Featured skill: Theme

Content-Area Connections: Social studies: U.S. history, Civil Rights Movement



Debate: “Is It Fair to Ban Fidget Spinners?”

Word Power: “Could the Komodo Dragon Save Your Life?”

Poetry by Kwame Alexander



And coming up in October/November . . .


“From War to America”

What’s it like to be a young refugee? Author Kristin Lewis tells the amazing true story of two brothers who escaped war-torn Syria and started a new life in the United States.


Paired Texts

“Christian the Lion”

In the 1960s, two young Australians bought a lion cub from a London department store—and began an incredible lifelong friendship.


Greek Mythology Play

The Curse of Winter

The chilling story of Persephone and Demeter



"Should Styrofoam Be Banned?"

Styrofoam is piling up in landfills, polluting the air, and poisoning small animals. Is it time to get rid of it?


Word Power

“Is This Volcano Cursed?”

Death! Disease! Misery! People who visit Mount Pele in Hawaii are worried that a few stolen rocks are ruining their lives.


Create a Character Contest

Our 2017-18 author is . . . Nora Raleigh Baskin!

Were thrilled to announce that the wonderful Nora Raleigh Baskin is our 2017-2018 Create a Character Contest author. Nora will write a brand-new original story starring a character created by one lucky winner.



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