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Storyworks Contests

Storyworks is packed with contests to get your students excited about writing. And they can win awesome prizes! Below, find information about our current contests, including entry forms and deadlines.

Current Contests

Scholastic Storyworks

Contests in the September 2014 Issue

October 15, 2014

Nonfiction: Tambora Contest

Students write a letter explaining how the Tambora eruption caused strange weather
around the world in 1816.

Gold Ribbon

Prize: Eruption! by Elizabeth Rusch

Fiction: Silverman Contest

Students write a paragraph explaining the protagonist’s main problem, who helps him solve it, and why.

Gold Ribbon

Prize: The Secret Kingdom by Jenny Nimmo

Infographic: Pet Rat Contest

Students write a paragraph convincing their moms to let them get a pet rat.

Gold Ribbon

Prize: Five winners will each receive a Storyworks prize.

In Storyworks’s most popular contest, a famous author needs your students’ help!

Contest Winners

A list of all winners from the current school year.

Word Nerd Contest

Students send us their Word Nerd exclamations for a chance to become a Storyworks Real-Life Word Nerd in a future Issue.

Wild Word Contest

Can your students find a word that has three meanings? Have them send their suggestions to our contest.

All contest entries can be e-mailed to:

Please attach entries as Word documents or PDFs, put the contest name in the subject line, and include the e-mail address of the entrant’s parent or legal guardian.

You can also mail entries to:

“Contest Name” c/o Storyworks
P.O. Box 712
New York, NY 10013-0712