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Dear Storyworks teachers

We want to make Storyworks your go-to -- for live learning sessions and your when your students are learning on their own. See below for our go-to remote learning tools, tips, and articles. 

Your Storyworks Editors,

Lauren, Rebecca, Allison, Talia, and Shiran

Your Remote Learning Set Up Kit

Everything you need to get you and your kids ready to learn

Stories & Activites for Remote Learning

All our stories are ready for your virtual classroom, but here are a few to get you started.

Share These Dazzling (and Time-Saving) Learning Journey Slide Decks

Save your precious live-learning time with these turbo-charged learning journeys. We’ve combined  articles, videos, and close reading questions.  Use as is or make your own!

Easy Stories to Start the Year

We know your kids are catching up. Here are three learning journeys with lower-level stories and simple activities.

Keep Your Students EXTRA Engaged

These stories and videos have a little extra WOW for when your kids are learning on their own.  Plus, most digital articles now include questions and special learning quests at the end. Check these out from this issue and the archive.

The Rise of Roblox

How two games have gotten kids through times of outbreaks and isolation 

Night of the Grizzlies

A 1967 bear attack in Glacier National Park changed how we take care of nature

Our nonfiction feature about the discovery of the Titanic comes to life! 

At a time when kids labored in coal mines, a tragedy changed the nation 

Put SEL Front and Center

Our inspiring and uplifting fiction and nonfiction model resilience, and feature kids facing challenges — and overcoming them. Here are some favorites from the current issue and the archive

The Mystery of the Cactus Arm

After taking a dare, Oliver faces unexpected—and spooky—consequences

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lost cat brings unexpected hope to two families

While people stay safe at home, a dog brings them groceries — and love.

Family Letters Help You Partner With Parents for Learning

Share this letter with each issue. It’s packed with great ideas for how families can support their kids using Storyworks. Click here to see the September letter.

More Treats for You and Your Kids!

Empower your students to document their experiences, using our special My History Project kit.


Help your students learn about how our democracy works and how they can make their voices heard with Scholastic's free Election 2020 website!

In this new special video, Lauren Tarshis takes students deep into her research and writing process.