Check Out What’s Coming in September 2022

By Talia Cowen
June 2, 2022
sneak peek of the issue cover

We hope you're having a superb summer! When you’re ready to get back into lesson planning, this sneak preview of what’s coming for Back to School can help.

In a few months, tthese captivating stories and dazzling teaching resources will be in your classrooms and live online at Storyworks Digital!


Click the image above to view a list of stories and digital resources you’ll have access to starting in August.


"White Death" by Lauren Tarshis

The true story of the Wellington Avalanche of 1910—the deadliest avalanche in U.S. history

Featured skill: Summarizing


"The Definition of Cool" by Varian Johnson

A heartwarming story about a boy who learns what cool really means

Featured skill: Theme

paired texts

"Jeans Take Over" by Allison Friedman / "Sneaker Nation" by Mackenzie Carro

How these pants and shoes ended up in everyone’s closets

Featured skill: Compare and Contrast


"Cats vs. Dogs"

The Martinez siblings debate whether dogs or cats make better pets.

Featured skill: Supporting an Opinion


"The Three-Headed Beast" by Talia Cowen

A fun, dramatic retelling of the Greek myth of Bellerophon and the Chimera

Featured skill: Sequence of Events


"Birthday Time" by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

A delightful poem about the joys of birthdays

Featured skill: Author's Purpose

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