Sneak Peek! Your March/April 2022 Issue

By Talia Cowen
February 3, 2022
sneak peek of march/april 2022 cover

Check out this sneak preview of the March/April 2022 issue to get a head start on your planning. Just a few days until this action-packed issue will be live online at Storyworks Digital!


Get the full picture of all of the incredible digital resources that will come with your issue in our Issue at a Glance grid. Click the image above to view the grid for the March/April 2022 issue.


"Vanished" by Mackenzie Carro

Nearly 100 years later, the disappearance of famous pilot Amelia Earhart remains a mystery.

Featured skill: Cause and Effect


"The Mystery of the Old Sea Captain" by Eleanora E. Tate

An unexpected new friend helps Tucker become a hero. Who exactly is he?

Featured skill: Inference

paired texts

"Rats: Ewww!" By Allison Friedman / "Rats: Awww!" By Talia Cowen

Are rats dangerous monsters or cuddly pets?

Featured skill: Compare and Contrast


"Should You Learn to Read Analog Clocks?" By Alessandra Potenza

More and more people check their phones to tell time. Are we losing an important skill?

Featured skill: Supporting an Opinion


The Puffin Patrol by Spencer Kayden

As she rescues lost puffins, Izzy learns that the birds aren’t the only ones who need help finding their way.

Featured skill: How a Character Changes


"Grandfather's Chopsticks" by Janet Wong

An admiring poem about a grandfather’s love and wisdom

Featured skill: Tone

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