New for 2020: Learning Journey Slide Decks and More Remote Teaching Tools

By Talia Cowen
August 13, 2020

We’ve been hard at work all summer to hone the perfect digital tools for your classroom, wherever you are. We have so many new things we want to share with you, but we're especially excited to tell you about our new Learning Journey Slide Decks

What are they?

Our dazzling new Learning Journey Slide Decks take our videos, stories, and close-reading questions and transform them into self-guided learning journeys for your students. And you can customize them in any way you like! (We imagine you’ll decorate them with snazzy elements from your bitmoji classroom!).

How do I share them with my students?

You can find them under "At-Home Activities" in the "Resources" tab of this issue's Paired Texts and Nonfiction stories. Assign them to your students by hovering your mouse over the Learning Journey Slideshow and clicking the "Interactive" option. To assign to your students, follow the prompts from Google. If you're using Microsoft Teams, you can downlod the Slide Deck as a PowerPoint and upload it to Teams.

How can I use them in my classroom?

They can work as asynchronous learning assignments, digital group work, or as presentation tools for your remote or traditional classroom.

Here are some other new digital tools you’ll love:

· Our Digital Lesson Plans have clickable links to their stories and Skill Builders. Customize them to best suit your classroom! Don’t miss our brand-new section “Great Ideas for Remote Learning” in each lesson plan!

· Our fabulous new Choice Board for our play! Education Editor Rebecca Leon put together inspiring and creative choices for your students to choose with this issue’s play, Go!. They’re great for independent and at-home learning. Some of our favorites? “Write a Poem,” “Describe Your Talent,” and “Write a Note.”

· Our personalized Author Read-Alouds provide your students with a rich audio experience at home or in the classroom. Our authors and editors intro the story, provide some background information or personal thoughts, and then dive into a reading of the story.

Oh, and if you need any assistance with anything Storyworks, be sure to check out our new Help and How-To’s page!

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