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An Important Message About Student Writing Contests

By The Storyworks Team
April 7, 2020

Dear teachers,

Like many of you, the Storyworks team is sheltering at home due to COVID-19. With our offices in New York City closed, and many school buildings closed as well, we have made the following changes to our student writing contests:

· We regret that we will not be announcing winners or mailing out prizes to contest winners for the time being. But when we can return to our offices, we will read your students’ entries, select winners, and mail out prizes. We are really looking forward to that day!

· Happily, we will be able to announce the finalists and runners up for our Create a Character contest. The story by Jerry Craft, featuring the winning character, appears in our May/June issue.

· For contests in the February, March/April, and May/June issues: We are extending all deadlines by one month to give your students extra time to submit. Please only send submissions by email to: You can find information on all the current contests with the new deadlines here. We may not be able to read all the entries until the summer, so winners will be announced in the fall.

·  For contests in the May/June issues, we can only accept submissions by email to No mailed entries will be accepted. For more information, click here.

Entering Storyworks contests is a lovely and creative activity to do from home, and we hope you will encourage your students to keep entering. We know that some of your students have already sent in their entries by mail, and we look forward to reading every single one of them as soon as it is safe to return to our offices.

We thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

The Storyworks Team

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