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The Top 5 Storyworks Stories of 2019

By Talia Cowen
December 20, 2019

It's the 2019 round-up you've been waiting for! Keep scrolling for the top five most popular Storyworks stories of 2019:

Coming in at number five is a nonfiction favorite from the December 2018/January 2019 issue "Beauty and Disaster." Told through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy, the story describes the eruptions of Kilauea in spring 2018, and how the people of Hawaii's Big Island faced these violent explosions, rivers of lava, and the fear that their beautiful island could be destroyed.


Flying into fourth comes the nonfiction story "The Pigeon Hero of World War I," from March/April 2019. This delightful true story of Cher Ami, the bird that saved nearly 200 American soldiers during World War I, shows that heroes can come in many forms. 

The third-place spot goes to "Out of the Flames," from February 2019. This riveting nonfiction is about the Triangle factory fire and the girls who changed America, illuminating both the horror and the historical significance of this tragic event. 

The silver medal is awarded to "Our Beautiful Town Is Gone," the nonfiction story from the September 2019 issue. This moving story is about the deadliest wildfire in California history, and the resilient community of Paradise, California.

Drumroll please... the most popular Storyworks article of 2019 is "The Mystery of Roanoke" from the October/November 2019 issue! Through an engaging article about the Lost Colony of Roanoke, readers learn about America 400 years ago and start to understand the effects of colonialism on Native peoples.

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