A Note from Lauren

By Lauren Tarshis
September 27, 2019

Dear Teachers,

I’m asking because I was recently with a bright teen who didn’t realize that Washington, D.C., is not a state. She also had no idea where in the U.S. it is.  

This reinforced what many of you have been telling me: that there are huge gaps in many kids’ core knowledge. What are the Great Lakes? Who was Frederick Douglass? Where is Vietnam? Many kids won’t know. There are complex reasons for this crisis, including less class time for science and social studies. Much needs to be done to solve the problem.  

In the meantime, Storyworks helps build knowledge through our content-rich stories. We’ve added new features:  fact boxes, online slideshows, expanded maps, and new Skill Builders focused on core knowledge. 

We’d love your ideas. And about that teen: She now knows all about Washington, D.C. ( I made sure!)


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