Delightful Learning Extensions for This Month's Paired Texts

By The Storyworks Editors
August 14, 2019

We have some fabulous learning extensions cooked up for you for September's paired texts. Check out the videos and sites below that pair perfectly with the articles "Mac and Cheese Mania" and "Nugget Nation."

Find the 📚 emoji for extra discussion questions!

Hungry for more food history?

Your students will enjoy this video about the history of another classic American favorite, the chocolate chip cookie!

History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

If they’re ready to eat up even more, show this video about lobster.

Lobster Dinner: From Bottom-Dweller to Status Symbol

📚 When you're done watching, ask the class to compare and contrast these food histories with the histories they learned in about in the paired texts.

A century of family dinners

Are your kids curious about what their parents ate for dinner when they were kids? What about their grandparents? This entertaining video will take them through a century of popular dinners by the decade. At 3 minutes, this video is a great amuse-bouche before you read this month's feature or a palate cleanser for when you're done!

100 Years of Family Dinners

📚 Watch the video and then ask the class whether they're familiar with any of the foods they saw or if any of the foods featured in the video surprised them. Why do they think certain foods become popular or go out of style?

Discuss healthy food options

Chicken nuggets and mac and cheese may be yummy, but a steady diet of them isn’t recommended.  Help kids explore healthy food choices with games and activities at this USDA site just for kids.    

Did you find any other awesome resources to teach this month's paired texts in your classroom? We'd love to hear about it! Drop us a line at


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