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Introducing: The Storyworks Pacing Guide for 2019-2020

By Rebecca Leon
August 14, 2019

Drumroll please…the 2019-2020 pacing guide is now available! Click here to download the guide.

This guide will help you plan your year with Storyworks, which includes a dazzling classroom magazine and an incredible package of support materials at You’ll discover how Storyworks can fit into your teaching calendar as you map out the year, and as you break out your plans day by day. You’ll also find the genres and skills you can expect to cover with your students, plus the differentiation, assessment, and standards information you need to create a complete, powerful, and robust schedule of lessons.

Together, this pacing guide and the Step-by-Step Lesson Plans that come with every issue are your go-to companions for teaching Storyworks with ease and joy! 

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