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Getting Started with Storyworks

By Rebecca Leon
August 15, 2019

Welcome back to school! As you’ve been setting up your classrooms and getting to know the names, faces, and personalities of the students you’ll be spending the next nine or so months with, we’ve been busy creating your fall issues of Storyworks. Here are three ideas to start the year off right with this resource:

As you know, the beginning of the year is all about establishing routines – like when the class will be reading Storyworks and where assignments will go. Help students keep track of their magazines and Skill Builder activity sheets by giving each one a folder just for Storyworks. Inside, you can staple a sheet so students can record which stories to read, activities to complete, and due dates (click here to download our folder organizer). Or, you can include a reading response log for students to note their thoughts and questions about stories. 

We often hear about the excitement that fills the classroom when a new issue of Storyworks arrives. When you distribute the September issue, give students a few minutes to look through it on their own or in small groups, free to explore what captures their attention most. Then regroup and invite students to share what they’re excited to read. This will give you an idea of your students’ interests and which article you might explore first as a class. 

Did you know that students can read all our articles digitally? That they can watch our videos and vocabulary slideshows, and listen to audio on a home or school computer or other device? Be sure to give them your classroom password so they can log on to Student View. (You can set up or change your classroom password by going to the account icon in the upper right corner or the website and clicking “My Dashboard.”) And we’ve made it easy to send home the classroom password. Check out the second page of the September Family Letter, an easy way to communicate with parents, in English or Spanish. 

We hope you have a great year with Storyworks! You can get in touch with us at


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