Sneak Peek! Your September Issue

By the Editors of Storyworks
July 19, 2019

We hope you're having a superb summer! When you’re ready to fold up the beach towel, finish up the last chapter of your summer read, and get back into lesson planning mode, this sneak preview from Storyworks' September 2019 issue can help.

In a few short weeks, this power-packed issue will be in your classrooms! 

In September's powerful and gripping nonfiction feature, Lauren Tarshis tells the story of the deadliest fire in California history from the perspective of several inspiring people who experienced it.

Featured skill: key details

This month's fiction is a slam dunk! "In the Game" tells the story of a young basketball player who has to figure out out how to balance his desires with what’s fair to others.

Featured skill: problem and solution

What could be better than learning the histories of two beloved American foods: chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Your students will be fascinated by these delicious stories. (Spoiler alert: Thomas Jefferson makes an appearance!)

Featured skill: compare and contrast

Our plays based on Aesop's fables are always a hit! Needless to say, your students will go wild for this vibrant retelling.

Featured skill: moral of a story

Across the nation, many schools have shortened—and in some cases even cut—recess. We want to know: Is it time to put fun back on the schedule? Your students will read arguments on both sides and then take a stand.

Featured skill: opinion writing

This triumphant poem about resilient flowers is the perfect pairing with this month's nonfiction feature.

Featured skill: theme

Students will learn words related to poisonous and facts about the rainforest ecosystem as they read about this adorable—but deadly—frog.

Featured skill: vocabulary

A dollar bill isn't just lunch money, it's a snapshot of America! After reading this fascinating infographic, we bet you'll never look at a buck the same way again.

Featured skill: main idea and supporting details

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