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By Talia Cowen
June 27, 2019

Spring was buzzing with #Storyworks on social media! Here are some of our favorite things Storyworks fans shared with us.

We were inspired by Mrs. Smothers's (@MrsSmothers1) vibrant strategy for engaging her students in a challenging nonfiction article from 2017, Behind the Wire Fence. Plus, we loved getting to meet Mrs. Smothers when she visited us in the office earlier this month! (Don't worry, we took pictures!)

Our favorite thing is when our articles inspire students to read more! This Librarian in Kansas (@smsdlibrarian) shared that a student has been eagerly waiting to check out a book written by the courageous star of our paired text from December/January, The Amazing Powers of Jen Bricker. Happy reading!

We are #loling at the ingenious way Ms. Clark's (@SNicoleClark) 4th graders used hashtags to respond to our creature-filled May/June nonfiction article, Monster of the Deep. What a great way to improve retention and comprehension! (Who could ever forget #dragonturtle and #evilAriel?)

Mrs. Yates's (@AmyYates04) 5th graders made real-life connections with our paired text The Magical World of Isaac from March/April by wearing these incredible socks to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. 

Check out Mrs. Feudale's (@susanfeudale) class' dazzling brochures on volcanoes around the world! They're inspired by our nonfiction article from December/January, Beauty and Disaster.

Talk about cross-curricular connections! Ms. V's (@cremedelastem) 4th graders made a STEAM connection with our nonfiction article on the Galveston Hurricane, America's Deadliest Disaster, by planning their own hurricane-proof homes.

We’d love to see how you used Storyworks this year! As always, you can drop us a line at or get in touch with us on Twitter with #Storyworks.

Lauren Tarshis (Editor in Chief): @laurenTarshis
Allison Friedman (Senior Editor): @alli_friedman
Rebecca Leon (Education Editor): @RebeccaLeon12
Talia Cowen (Assistant Editor): @talia__cowen

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