Meet the Idiomizer

By Lauren Tarshis
November 28, 2018

If I seem distracted to you, it’s because I cannot stop thinking about our newest Storyworks superhero: the Idiomizer. She makes her very splashy debut in this issue. (Click here to download the feature.)

The Idiomizer is the brainchild of our own language arts superhero, Rebecca Leon. She answered the call to come up with a way to help kids understand idioms, those charming but often confounding phrases.

Once Rebecca came up with the idea, our team worked with the talented cartoonist Lance Lekander to bring it to life. And by now, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see the Idiomizer zooming around the hallways of Scholastic here in New York City. (By the way, she would fit right in!)

We are always looking for new and more powerful ways to engage and delight your students, to build their knowledge and their skills, to spark their curiosity. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the Idiomizer.

As the Idiomizer would say, we are tickled pink and over the moon that Storyworks is a part of your classroom.

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