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the storyworks approach:


At Storyworks, we believe the best way to learn grammar is through reading. That’s why we’ve created an approach that allows students to uncover key grammar concepts in the context of our articles and stories. With each issue, they’ll practice a featured grammar skill with our entertaining activities.

Check out our suite of offerings to help students learn grammar in context!

Grammar Cop

Our popular Grammar Cop, which appears in every issue, focuses on one key grammar skill. Students must correct grammar errors in a delightful short feature on a fun topic.

More Practice Online

Need reinforcement? We’ve got you covered! For each issue’s featured grammar skill, you can find an extra practice activity at Storyworks Online.

Click here for a sample Grammar activity.

Writing Rescue

You’ll find our Writing Rescue feature in many issues of Storyworks. Students practice their editing skills as they find mistakes in a short, engaging article. Simple instructions guide students paragraph by paragraph to edit the article to grammatical perfection. It’s an excellent way to reinforce grammar skills throughout the year.